It is GDA’s mission to portray the development of sustainability in the aluminium industry and to provide support for its implementation. The focus is on conveying the economic importance of aluminium as a material. Photo credit: VAR

Unlimited opportunities for recycling

It has always been worthwhile economically to use aluminium in a closed loop comprising metal extraction, processing, use and recovery. The major advantage of the metal is its unlimited recyclability. For example, scrap profiles or used aluminium sheet and foil can be used to make new profiles, new rolled products or even other high-quality products.

The aluminium industry’s commitment to sustainability manifests itself in various ways:

  • extraction of raw materials in an eco-friendly manner
  • protection of the climate and the Earth’s atmosphere
  • voluntary commitment to make a recycling system that traditionally has very high recycling rates even more closely knit
  • high recycling rates by reducing waste and emissions.
The amount of recycled aluminium in use is growing continuously. Photo credit (at very top): fotolia/Magann