Aluminium in mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering and plant manufacturing constitutes one of the most important pillars of the German economy. Aluminium plays a significant role here because industrial robots and machinery can only achieve maximum precision and mobility if the material from which they are made meets stringent demands regarding versatility, stability and lightness. Aluminium is a material of choice here ─ a material for precision and speed.

High precision with aluminium

Extremely fine tolerances for precision machines can be achieved by manufacturing plant and machinery from aluminium. Precision casting enables extremely fine tolerances to be maintained for complex geometries and this is therefore particularly suitable for motor housings, or for impellers for compressors or pumps. The best quality for demanding plant and machinery.

Photo: AMAG (left), GDA (right)

Maximum functionality – for more efficiency

Aluminium’s light weight allows machines and robots to operate at higher speeds. This enables manufacturers of plant and machinery to achieve greater operating speeds, which have a positive effect on production.

The almost unlimited freedom when designing profiles enables components to be made that are optimised for the application but still economical. The integration of additional functions enables extruded profiles to perform multiple tasks, for example by incorporating lines for compressed air, cooling lubrication or extraction devices in the profile. Photo credit: fotolia/3dmentat

Innovations using aluminium – for the greatest precision

Without exception, the printing industry uses lithographic plates made from high-quality aluminium strip to produce newspapers. The strip used is characterised by a flawless surface and the outstanding bonding behaviour of the coatings. This is the only way to achieve a high print run. Intensive development work in this field has led to the smoothest, strongest and most durable alloy for lithographic plates that is currently available on the market. Photo credit: Hydro Aluminium