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Aluminium is used in virtually all areas of technology and everyday life. It has been used in the building and construction industry for about a hundred years. To improve corrosion resistance, surface finish and appearance, surfaces are subjected to a specific treatment. We offer technical advice in each of these three specialist fields. Photo credit top: PREFA / croce & wir Fotostudio


Aluminium is used in virtually all areas of technology and everyday life. It is very readily hot or cold worked, it can be welded and forged and is a good conductor of electricity and heat.

Whether it be as an engine block in a car, as the middle carriage of a high-speed train or in the construction of an aircraft, aluminium’s lightness helps save weight and energy in the transport sector. The building and construction industry demands a long useful life and the constructional and decorative design possibilities afforded by windows, façades and roofs made of aluminium. In the packaging industry aluminium protects foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals thanks to its barrier property. Its good conductivity means it is an interesting material for electrical engineering applications.

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Contemporary building and construction is more than just the utilitarian erection of structures: it involves functionality, aesthetics, economic efficiency and ecological compatibility. Photo credit: fotolia/gracchus



You can find further information on the use of aluminium in architecture and on surface treatment in our technical data sheets.