Information on aluminium

Aluminium’s properties and its universal range of uses mean it can be found almost everywhere. Find out more about the metal and its applications. The latest statistical data are also available here.


The use of aluminium benefits all concerned - the state, the economy and the public - both economically and ecologically. The aluminium industry therefore makes a major contribution to technical development and to improving living standards in Germany. You will find the latest statistical data for the most important indicators in this section.


Aluminium and its alloys

The key properties of aluminium are its light weight coupled with high strength, good conductivity for electricity and heat, particularly good corrosion resistance including resistance to water and chemicals, and outstanding recyclability. Photo credit: PREFA / croce & wir >>more



The German aluminium industry is an important driving force for the economy and society. The metal stands for useful, durable, reliable and safe products. Thanks to its properties and its universal range of uses, aluminium can be found almost everywhere. Gain an insight into the different fields of application for aluminium here. Photo credit: PREFA / croce & wir


Aluminium encyclopaedia

Weber’s ‘Aluminium Pocket Encyclopaedia’ contains the most important technical terms used in the aluminium industry and provides interesting information about aluminium, from A for Alloys through to Z for Zeppelin. It is intended to provide an introduction to the metal.