How you enjoy christmas and easter on the same day something that Phillipp König and his best friend Lea Pfeiler have discovered.

Summer holidays. Tufts of white cloud in the sky. It’s just after nine and the thermometer is already touching an impressive 25 degrees in the shade. The tanned 11-yearold Phillipp König races past his mother into the garden. „Wait,“ she yells. „I’ve packed something for you here.“ (Photo: fotolia/ waldru)

„A chocolate Santa in an aluminium cloak still tastes great in the summer!“

„Sometimes my girl friend’s like an aluminium foil lid: there’s no getting through to her.“

Chocolate Santas all year round thanks to aluminium foil

The boy comes back and quickly rams a package wrapped in aluminium foil into his orange swimming bag. He swiftly grabs two pots of his favourite cherry yoghurt from the fridge and sticks them in the side pocket. „See you,“ he cries and in a flash he has disappeared behind the hedge.

A short time later he is cycling to the open-air swimming pool alongside Lea Pfeiler, his best friend from next door. They are taking their secret route. The dusty field track, along the edge of the wood. Insects are buzzing. There is the fragrance of flowers and grass in the air. Soon they make their usual stop at the moss-covered tree trunk where it is so good to have a picnic. The boy takes out both yoghurts. They have been shaken up a bit on the bike but the lips of the aluminium foil lid are tightly sealed. Just like their lips are when they do something that no one should know about.

Arriving at the pool, the towels are quickly spread out and then it’s off into the water. A signal sounds. The waves are coming. The two friends dive and splash about. The waves come another three times before they return to their towels and flop down hungry and exhausted. They take out their packed lunches. They pool what they have and share everything. Sandwiches wrapped in aluminium foil, biscuits, fruit. They always do that. „Come on, let’s play a game,“ says the boy. Quick as a flash he grabs something and wraps it in aluminium foil. „What is it?“ The girl rotates the silver ball in her hand, guesses its weight and holds it up to the sun. „You can’t see inside. The foil blocks out the light.“ „You don’t say,“ she comments, trying to provoke him, adding „I think it’s a cherry.“ „That’s right,“ says the boy happily. „You can keep it. And now it’s your turn.“

Raise your can – to a familiar all-rounder!

Numerous developments have continually made the beverage can more attractive and – thanks to innovative aluminium alloys – ever lighter. It can be shaped, printed or embossed in a multitude of different ways, with or without interactive QR codes. There are even beverage cans that can be resealed.


Can you still eat it?