How you can top such a great move explained by football fan Heinz Stachowiak.

A terrific start! Our midfield takes control right away. It puts in a great tackle and wins the ball. Our forward line takes over. A quick one-two, our No. 9 weaves through the opposing defence and fires in a great shot in the top left-hand corner. It has ‘goal’ written all over it. But their keeper leaps like a cat – and manages to tip the ball over the bar with his outstretched finger tips. That was close. “Oohs” and “aahs” ring around the sold-out stadium. (Photo: fotolia/ Melinda Nagy)

“Use aluminium and every barbecue’s like playing in front of a home crowd!”

“The aluminium packaging which is unusual for my product gains me new customers every day. And they are all delighted with the practical handling and the fantastic way in which the aluminium keeps the contents fresh.”

Aluminium tubes are practical for dispensing pasty products

Heinz Stachowiak, the older man standing behind the charcoal grill shouts encouragement to his team. “Great! Keep going!” No sooner has he placed the sausages in the hot aluminium BBQ tray than they begin to sizzle and give off that wonderful smell. The everpopular foil-wrapped jacket potatoes are cooking nicely in the embers. “Use aluminium and every barbecue’s like playing in front of a home crowd,” says the man to his 11-year-old grandson who is helping him.

Through the open window of the gazebo, the two football fans have a clear view of the match on the TV in the spacious garden house. That’s where the rest of the football-mad members of the family and their friends and neighbours are eagerly awaiting a win for their favourite team.

On the pitch, there is yet another great through ball, the cross lands inch perfect in the opposing penalty area and the 11-year-old yells “goal!” And they all cheer loudly. The first goal in the eighth minute! They want more.

The initial tension eases. The home fans now want some food to steady their nerves. Home-made goodies protected by a layer of aluminium-foil are waiting to be eaten. Old and young descend on the tasty simple fare with a hearty appetite.

Fortified in this way, the ardent fans manage to swallow the sudden equaliser just before half-time with an air of self-confidence. They analyse the first half. The host hands over the BBQ tongs to his son and joins in the debate.

What makes this fan unique? The man is a beekeeper. And for some time his honey has been selling like hot cakes – or perhaps the sliced bread on which it tastes so delicious. The resourceful apiarist loves to quote his grandson: “Look granddad, the bees are wearing our team’s shirt!” That was what started the ball rolling a few years ago, or, to be more precise, gave him the idea of putting his honey in tubes. The out-of-the-ordinary idea of the footballmad beekeeper: he has the honey he collects filled into aluminium tubes. The really smart bit: the bee’s yellow and black striped pattern matches the colours of “his” team. The local product was snapped up just like that, especially by his team’s fans. His customers love to squeeze the natural sweetener out of the bee-coloured aluminium tube.

Original and counterfeit: with aluminium you don’t gamble with risk

Having cinfidence in the reliability of a pharmaceutical product is certainly as important as having confidence in the doctor who prescribed it. Does the pack really contain what it says it does? Medication counterfeiting is a growing problem. A counterfeit pharma product might contain no active ingredients, or insufficient or exessive amounts of them, or even completely different ones to the original preparation. This explains why packs of medication also have to offer reliable protection against counterfeiting. Aluminium packaging offers the ideal solution. And modern technology supplies the special effects.


Tradition meets new packaging