How you cope with the heat and the dust made clear by rally driver Fernando Gonzales..

Rallying is pure passion. Going right to the limit and a bit further in every race. And the absolute classic rally: the ‘Dakar’ with its cult status. Where’s the thrill? Exciting contrasts and merciless challenges. Raw wilderness meets rational hi-tech. Archaic and futuristic at the same time. And a human being right in the middle of it all. Daring. A modern-day nomad hurtling powerfully forward – always in the direction of the finish. (Photo: fotolia/ José 16)

„When it gets very hot, it’s a truly luxurious moment to hear that hiss of a cool drink being opened!“

„Everything needs to be incredibly unbreakable in a racing car. And what is more rugged than a metal beverage can?“

All-rounder triumphs in desert heat

„When we’re on the road, we run on water and energy drinks,“ explains Fernando Gonzales, the pilot of the winning team. „When we’re driving off-road it is important to have reliable packaging for the precious contents. Our experienced crew relies on the classical indestructible form of packaging: the beverage can.“

Swirling desert dust. Jagged-edged scree. Thunderous impacts as the heavy vehicle bounces over the rough terrain. Pilot and co-pilot battle doggedly with the unknown trail. The unexpected can occur at any time and anywhere along this apparently endless route. So the crew work meticulously on everything they can plan for in advance. With reliable technology and crash-proof materials.

In the camp in the evening, vehicle and driver are got ready for the next day. The heat of the day has given way to severe cold. After all the exertions of the day, the body craves for a hot meal. Hungry, the team queues for food. A delicious smell drifts upwards from the appetisingly filled aluminium trays and the hot vapours disappear into the dark, starlit sky.

„After you have checked the chassis, engine and tyres, you have to take care of the details,“ is how the team captain explains the maintenance work on the vehicle. Just then, a young assistant with a stubbly beard wearing a team overall lifts a box into the off-road vehicle.

Trendsetting aluminium: stylish eye-catcher with ‘must-have’ effect

As a packaging material, aluminium ensures optimal product protection and is an outstanding eye-catcher. The light metal offers a huge range of design opportunities. Bottles, aerosol and beverage cans with distinctive silhouettes and appearances turn the contents into highly visible and much-liked branded products.


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