Aluminium encyclopaedia

Weber’s ‘Aluminium Pocket Encyclopaedia’ contains the most important technical terms used in the aluminium industry and provides interesting information about aluminium, from A for Alloys through to Z for Zeppelin. It is intended to provide an introduction to the metal.

Rail vehicles

Wagons for all types of rail system are increasingly being manufactured using large aluminium profiles. Corrosion resistance and energy saving thanks to low weight result in economic efficiency compared with conventional steel construction.


Collection and utilisation of used aluminium products for the manufacture of new products.


Research in the aluminium industry is focussed on new extraction processes and improvement of material properties.

Road vehicles

Aluminium is a widely used material in commercial vehicles and cars as well as in bicycles and motor bikes because of weight savings.


The rolling of billets and strip made from aluminium into strip, sheet and foil. In addition to the classical hot and cold rolling there are special rolling processes and rolled products.