Aluminium encyclopaedia

Weber’s ‘Aluminium Pocket Encyclopaedia’ contains the most important technical terms used in the aluminium industry and provides interesting information about aluminium, from A for Alloys through to Z for Zeppelin. It is intended to provide an introduction to the metal.

Mechanical engineering

Thanks to its easy processability and a low specific weight, aluminium is an important and economical material in mechanical engineering and the manufacture of industrial equipment.


Various drugs and remedies contain aluminium compounds as active ingredients and are used in human and veterinary medicine both internally and externally.

Melt purification

Cleaning an aluminium melt to remove hydrogen, metallic and non-metallic impurities immediately prior to casting. Depending on the type of impurity, different processes are used.


Different types of industrial furnace are in use for melting down aluminium and aluminium alloys prior to casting. Thanks to heat recovery, energy requirements have been significantly reduced.