Aluminium encyclopaedia

Sports equipment

Aluminium and its alloys have long been used for equipment for the most varied types of sport, with use being made in particular of the low specific weight as well as the high strength and good corrosion resistance.

A selection of sports equipment made from aluminium:

  • mountaineering equipment includes many aluminium parts, such as carbine swivels (hooks with spring-loaded locking pieces) or ladders or the rungs of rope ladders, which are used in particular when travelling across ice fields
  • arrows for archery
  • hiking equipment such as hiking poles, supporting frames for rucksacks, containers and water bottles
  • spikes for running shoes
  • football goalposts and studs
  • frames of hang gliders
  • bicycle parts (see road vehicles, for example brake levers, wheels, gearshift parts and guards) as well as all-aluminium bicycles (with an aluminium frame), kickboards and blades of inline skates
  • in skiing, whole skis (with core made of wood or plastic), with plastic skis the soles are often plastic-coated aluminium strip, bindings, ski poles, sledges
  • in boating, for example sailing, whole boats (see shipbuilding) or masts (even for plastic boats)
  • exercise bikes (made from profiles)
  • baseball bats