Organisation of the association

To achieve its objectives, AD acts as the umbrella organisation for product-related specialist trade associations. AD keeps its member companies informed about markets, the environment and technology via these associations.

In addition, AD strives to cooperate with other associations, organisations and institutions to benefit from synergies and thus improve the metal’s standing.

The handling of specific technical matters, the exchange of experience between the individual aluminium companies and the politico-economic representation of the interests of the individual product groups all take place within the various specialist associations.

These are currently:

Name Field of activity
Association of Primary aluminium Primary aluminium
Association of Aluminium recycling Aluminium recycling
Association of Aluminium casting Aluminium casting
Association of Semi-finished aluminium products Semi-finished aluminium products
Association of Aluminium foil Aluminium foil
Association of Tubes, cans and impact extrusions Tubes, cans and impact extrusions
Association of Metal powder Metal powder