Literature database and library

The library's archives contain one of the most extensive collections of information on aluminium - all edited and well documented. It is the largest German library in the field of aluminium and one of the largest of its type worldwide. Photo credit: fotolia/davis

Database of specialist literature on aluminium

Relevant books and articles on aluminium have been collected since the 1930s. They are accessible to the public and besides literature relating to aluminium there is also information on magnesium and titanium. Follow the link to conduct literature searches in the AD library and order items. Photo credit: fotolia / Ermolaev


Our inventory

Specialist areas

The fields of knowledge are divided into 25 main groups and over 1000 subgroups, ranging from the extraction of aluminium and its material properties, via machining and processing, through to the various fields of application of aluminium.

List of main groups

A General science, business matters, environmental protection
B Aluminium industry
C Extraction
D Material properties
E Materials, metallurgy
F Material testing (equipment and procedures)
G Corrosion
H Processing first stage
I Heat treatment
J Shape casting
K Chipless forming
L Machining
M Joining
N Design
O Surface treatment
P Applications
Q Building and construction industry
R Chemical engineering
S Foodstuffs, packaging
T Electrical engineering
U Other applications
V Transport and transportation
X Defence technology
Y Other materials
Z Miscellaneous