How you keep a cool head when things heat up divulged by DJ and party organiser Marko Heimerzheim..

Adriving beat. Powerful basses pulsating rhythmically transport the rich sound. It flows into the ears of the guests and from there deep into the centre of their hot bodies. Only a cold drink can bring the temperature back to normal levels. The refreshment out of the stylish aluminium bottle is definitely cool. The new indrink is on everyone's lips. No wonder: the unusual bottle design has a magical attraction. Everywhere the neon-coloured characters on the elegant mattsilver aluminium bottle are glistening in the black light. The club is throbbing. (Photo: fotolia/ maxoidos)

„The unusual bottles are already popular collector items. Kids associate them with special memories. There are now even fans asking for autographs on their bottles.“

„I knew that the concept wouldn't work without an outstanding packaging design. The drink attracts attention on the shelf straight away thanks to its modern minimalist and cool outfit.“

Trendy drinks for the club scene – an outstanding packaging design

Until very recently, Marko Heimerzheim, the man operating the turntables, was an absolute insider’s tip amongst partygoers. Now he is filling the hippest clubs with his completely unique style. Tonight he has even got his own artists’ dressing room. Unthinkable just a short while ago. „It’s unbelievable how everything has developed so fantastically,“ says the charismatic shooting star of the clubbing scene in amazement during a short refreshment break. He takes an unusually shaped aluminium can with photo printing from his bag. Hair spray? No, the eye catcher turns out to be a deodorant which quickly disappears under the DJ’s shirt where – well dosed and hygienic – it provides that refreshing feeling with a distinctive hissing sound. „I love that sound,“ he says. The sound artist obviously has a fondness for particularly conspicuous packaging containers made of aluminium, all the more if they make interesting sounds: Perfect.

His rapid rise into the elite group of professional DJs is no coincidence. The 27-year-old studied marketing. For his final thesis he developed an innovative marketing concept for a drinks company. It covered the market launch of a trend drink using a series of parties with live acts. Today’s event is one such party. „I knew that the concept wouldn’t work without an outstanding packaging design,“ says the multi-talented young man. „The drink attracts attention on the shelf straight away thanks to its modern minimalist and cool outfit.“ There is only a simple new-age hieroglyph – a QR code – emblazoned on the silver body of the bottle. The brand label. Deep embossed in a luminous metallic colour. If one scans the code with a mobile phone, one lands directly on the website for the popular series of events. There is background information on all the dates, artists, music styles, etc. There is also a prize competition. The winners receive non-cash prizes and free tickets. The aluminium bottle acts as the lottery ticket. There is a small, unforgeable number embossed in the metal base of the bottle. Purchasers can log into the party website and check whether the number on their bottle is a winner. As an additional feature, purchasers can find voucher codes on the bottles for downloading music of the artists performing. Not straight away though. There is a special gimmick here: the code can only be read in black light.

Light protection for sensitive items

Impervious and neutral-tasting aluminium pot lids protect products like these against the ingress of rays of light even in a brightly lit refrigerated display case in the supermarket. As with all other forms of aluminium packaging, attention is also given here to using material as sparingly as possible. Aluminium foil offers complete protection despite its thinness.


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