The association

Aluminium Deutschland e. V. (AD) with headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, was established in its current form in 1992 in Dresden. It is an association of aluminium companies that produce raw aluminium or aluminium products, including composites with other materials. As an industrial sector association, AD represents the interests of an efficient aluminium industry and the employment it offers. Photo credit: fotolia/Vidady

About AD

The aluminium industry is a key economic sector that makes a very significant contribution to the development of Germany as a location for investment. The innovative capability of the sector, the economic importance of the aluminium industry and the versatility and the diverse range of applications of aluminium as a metal play a particularly vital role.

The close cooperation between the aluminium producers and almost every branch of industry lays the foundation stone for technical progress and innovation and contributes towards improving living standards.

The aluminium industry views environmental protection as an active part of its mission and explicitly supports the guiding principle of sustainability. The resource-conserving use of energy and raw materials is of key importance here.

The aluminium industry has an open information policy both internally and externally in order to strengthen trust in the way it conducts its business. Dialogue with all socially relevant groups is a central element of its information policy; it conducts this dialogue intensively at company and trade-association level. Its avowed aim is to achieve development that is both sustainable and future-orientated.

Aims and activities

AD and its specialist trade associations have set themselves the task of representing the common interests of their member companies and thus the whole of the sector in all fields of the aluminium economy.


Organisation of the association

To achieve its objectives, AD acts as the umbrella organisation for product-related specialist trade associations. AD keeps its member companies informed about markets, the environment and technology via these associations.



To carry out its activities and fulfil its objectives, AD works together with other associations and organisations at national and international level.



You can contact us at any time with questions or comments. Please use the following form to do so. Photo credit: fotolia/JazzBoo


Visiting us

Our headquarters is centrally located in Düsseldorf and can be reached comfortably by public transport as well as by air or road. Use the route planner or the PDF file if you wish to visit us.